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The good thing is that Joe and his team have seen just about every plumbing problem imaginable. But most of our service calls are for more common issues that we’ve highlighted here.

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Are You Dealing With One Of These Common Problems?

Low Water Pressure

You wake up one morning, turn on the shower, and only two weak water streams emerge from the shower head. You slump your shoulders, sigh, and wonder how long it’s going to take just to wash the shampoo out of your hair. It’s an annoyance that we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives.

Low water pressure could be specific to a fixture (sink faucet, shower head, garden hose) or could affect the entire house. It will take a bit of troubleshooting to determine the source of the problem.

Mystery Leaks

It can be unnerving to find a water spot on a ceiling or wall in your home. How long has it been like that? Is mold growing? Identifying a leak’s source can require some troubleshooting. We don’t want to open any walls or ceilings unless we’re absolutely sure we know where the problem lies. Call us and we’ll come out to assess the issue and provide a quote.

Slow Drains

Blame soap and hair. Over time, your sink and shower drains collect soap, shampoo, and hair that restrict water flow. Periodically, a good cleaning is needed if you find yourself standing in ankle-deep water in the shower. In some cases, a slow drain might be an indicator of more serious problems. This is especially true if more than one sink or shower is slow to drain. We have tools that provide a long term fix that liquid drain cleaners can’t achieve.

Running Toilet

This is a real water waster! Fortunately, it’s usually a simple and inexpensive repair. Many time the rubber flapper isn’t producing a water-tight seal (because it’s broken, dirty, or warped) or the float isn’t positioned as it should — jiggling the toilet handle is the short-term fix for this, but the part should be replaced.

Clogged Toilet

When the plunger isn’t enough to clear the clog, you might need us to “snake” the line. The culprit typically is a blockage somewhere farther down the line where a plunger’s suction can’t reach.

Broken/Leaking Water Heater




Our homes rely on hot water for showering, laundry, and cleaning. When your hot water heater goes down, everyone in the family notices. If the heater is actively leaking, shut off the water supply to it and call us immediately. We’re available 24/7 for emergency service calls and can have you up and running again in a few hours.




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About Joe Faltine

From our beginnings as a one-man operation in 1999, Joe The Plumber has grown to a team of skilled technicians happy to serve Lancaster’s residential and commercial plumbing needs. Our customers know that we care about their projects, budgets, homes and businesses. We’ve been doing this for more than 25 years now and we know what it takes to get the job done right.

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    5 star review  I have used Joe the plumber on multiple occasions. What sets him apart from other companies is his customer service and responsiveness. They stand behind their work and are a personable group of folks. I will always use Joe the plumber!

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    5 star review  We have a couple of rental properties and Joe is our go to plumber! Joe's team provides excellent service and customer satisfaction. We have used Joe for the past 10 years and will continue to do so. We highly recommend!

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    5 star review  Ever since my wife and I bought our most recent house ( 5 years ago) we've had a drain issue in our Laundry room.I finally got sick of calling our plumber very 6 to 8 months to come out and clear it. So, the last time our regular plumber was here I asked him why is the water keep backing up into the slop sink. He told us it was because our house was old (built in1966) and that the drain pipes were to small to handle today's washers and that we needed to upgrade some water drain lines to a larger diameter. He told us to call the office and schedule an all day service call to have them come out and do the repairs. Which I did.When I called I was told that they needed to speak to the service person about the repair. I called them 3 more times over several days and got the same response. So, I decided to call Joe The Plumber to see if this is something they would do. Misty got on it right away and scheduled an estimate for the next day. Danny, the service technician, came out and gave me a quote. We agreed on the price and he was back 2 days later doing the repairs. While Danny was at our house I told him that I was looking for someone to vent our dryer outside. I told him I tied several people and no one would do it because it was too hard. He took a look and said no problem. I can do it. Within an hour or so our dryer was vented outside. Seeing as he was so helpful I told him about a few other projects I wanted completed around our house. He tells me. No problem. I got a guy that does all kinds of things. He provided me his number and also contacted the guy for me. I am now having this handyman doing all kinds of repairs around my house. From drywall repair to pool electric post replacement. I can't say enough about how professional and helpful all the people are at Joe The Plumber. The work Danny did was phenomenal. I will definitely be using them again when we are ready to redo our 3 bathrooms!

    thumb David Acaster

    5 star review  Job was done within a reasonable amount of time, within budget. Our gentleman plumber took the time to answer my questions and was very personable. Office staff very attentive to questions as well.

    thumb Sean Campbell